World of Warcraft Cookbook : Feed your Guild !


After successfull videogames, goodies, and even a movie, the World of Warcraft is now coming to our kitchens! The first official World of Warcraft cookbook will be available in october 2016. Are you ready to feed your guild?


From the author of the Game of Thrones official cookbook

Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, author of the official Game of Thrones : A Feast of Ice and Fire cookbook – created recipes inspired by the universe of World of Warcraft. If she wasn’t a gamer before working on the book, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel didn’t hesitate to start the adventure to discover its world and, more importantly, the culinary habits of the warriors, from the Alliance or the Horde ! She even asked some other players what were their favorite dishes, and what they would like to find in the cookbook.

Sweet potatoe bread – Dragonbreath chili – IronForge rations

Recipes : an important part of the game

If the idea of a cookbook based on World of Warcraft may seem a bit crazy, it is not! It is an important part of the game, since we can find a lot of recipes : from the braised turtle to the Buttered Sturgeon (if your cooking skills level is high enough !). Of course, Rylak eggs are difficult to find at your local shop, so a big part of Chelsea Monroe-Cassel’s work was to adapt the recipes with more findable ingredients. « The most important thing for me in the process of making fictional food into real recipes is authenticity. The recipes have to be as authentic as possible to the world, culture, and aesthetic of the source material». A few recipes have already been released, and they look delicious !

Rylak Claws recipe

With the huge success to the game – the Legion extension of World of Warcraft will be available this August – this cookbook will probably please a lot of fans! 

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