The most…surprising burgers !


Hamburger : a good chopped steak slipped into a soft bun, the whole thing accompanied by a slice of cheese, vegetables and other delicacies… True symbol in the US, the hamburger became a worldwide phenomenon ! For example in France, 1 on 2 sandwiches sold is a burger, it represents millions of units each day. Today we are gonna see a special selection of the most incredibles burgers. So be prepared, there will be a lot of calories in this article. Grab your coke and let’s go !


KURO BURGER : Cause I’m back in black

Last invention from the famous american fast food chain Burger King, the Kuro burger can only be tasted in Japan (yes we are also disappointed). Its particularity comes from its color, a deep beautiful black. Black buns tend to become a current thing, but the Kuro goes further because the cheese and the gravy are also completely black ! Quite disturbing no ? When seeing the Kuro we may think of chemical products use in order to obtain this color, but it would be wrong ! Indeed,Burger King used Bamboo charcol in order to blacke buns and cheese, so it’s quite natural. And a burger that would please our pandas friends..

France also had a black burger with Quick (freshly bought by Burger King) with the Dark Vador Burger which was launched with the 3D remastering of The Phantom Menace.



Fleur Burger : In your dreams. Maybe.

Disclaimer : forger everything you know about burgers because now, we enter in a whole new dimension. Welcome to Las Vegas, the city of money and gambling, but also the city of the most expensive burger in the world ! Proposed by the restaurant Fleur, this burger will “only” cost you 5,000$ ! But wait, with this price you will have one hell of a burger : black truffles from Périgord  (in abundance as you can see on the picture), a top quality Foie Gras.. The Fleur Burger combined all the finest ingredients for your gourmet palate. Oh and, what will you drink with it ? A diet coke ? No way ! The Fleur Burger is tasted exclusively with a bottle of Château Pétrus 1995.  Standing, you know.


Burger Pizza or Pizza Burger : Why  noth both ?

Burger and Pizza, two specialities totally different but that we do want each time we are super hungry. Admit it, how many times during a night with friends did you ask this famous question ” So, what are we eating tonight, burgers or pizza ?” ? Well, don’t worry you’re not alone ! And some restaurants tried to help you by combining these two enemies !

Burger King Japan (once again, sorry) has created the Burger Pizza, the only burger as friendly as a pizza : in fact its a giant burger of 9 inches with 6 steaks cut into 6 equal parts. Kind of fun !

burger_king_pizza_burger (1)

On the other side, Pizza Hut UK has invented the Majesty Pizza Burger ! A true pizza but with a special dough : indeed, this pizza has a true crown with 10 mini steaks cover with a slice of cheese around it ! If you are still hungry after one pizza, you’re impressive..



Donut Burger : Dessert included

In our time where we are always running after time, we spend less time to eat during lunch. Hopefully (or not ?) fast food are here to help us having a complete meal. But is it possible to win more time ? Yes ! But how ? By combining the main course and the dessert ! And there, the Donut Burger was born.. Oh and it comes with bacon of course. Who wanna try ?

donut burger


Ramen Burger : when Japanese food meet American tradition

If you’re a fan of Manga or Anime you have probably already heard about Ramen. this traditional Japanese meal is made of meat or fish broth with noodles. Well, somehow, somewhere, someone got the idea to replace the classic buns by galettes of Ramen ! Forget also the cheese, you simply had some vegetables and a special gravy with Japanese accents. Tasty and Healthy, what else ? Oh and if you are in Paris you can try one Ramen Burger at W for Wok !

If you know any other incredible burgers, please feel free to share it with us !

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