Star Wars : the 10 best kitchen goodies !

star wars kitchen goodies

A long time ago, in a kitchen far, far away..

With the release of the last Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens”, Disney has launched a whole bunch of Star Wars goodies, and some of them will be perfect for your kitchen ! Let’s go for a top ten of the best star wars kitchen goodies we found! Oh and because we are cool, we only listed objects you can actually buy.

#10 Ice cube trays

If you like fresh beverages or if you prefer your “Wookie on the rocks”, these ice cube trays are for you !

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How can you not melt for them ?

Links :

Yoda + R2D2 | Vader + Stormtrooper | Millenium + X-Wing | AT-AT + Destroyer | Deathstar

#9 Glasses

Well, now that you have some perfect ice cubes, you need the proper glass for it !

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Links :

Chewbacca + Stormtrooper | The Force Awakens | Shooters

#8 Chopstick

If you want to be a true jedi (or sith, no judgment), you can’t eat your sushis like anyone

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Some of them can even light up, just in case of a power cut..

Links :

Anakin | Luke | Darth Vader | Mace Windu

7# Plates

These ones look absolutely gorgeous ! And if you have some kids there is also a solution.

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Links :

Adults | Kids

#6 Mugs

If like us, you can’t start your day without a coffee, these star wars mugs are made for you !

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Our crush goes to the two mugs of Princess Leia and Han Solo ! What ? You knew it ?

Links :

Darth Vader | Stormtrooper | R2D2 | Leia and Solo

#5 Waffle Maker

It’s not because the Empire are in the Dark Side that they can’t have waffles !

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DeathStar | Darth Vader

#4 Cookie Stuff

Make the perfect Wookie Cookies and keep them away from wild hands !

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The cookie cutters are a true must-have for any star wars fan !

Links :

Cookie Cutters | Dark Side | R2D2

#3 Toaster

Well, that explains why he loves his helmet so much..

toaster star wars

Link :

Darth Vader

#2 X-Wing Knifes

Beautiful AND useful ! What else do you need ?

star wars knives in xwing

Link :


#1 Mini Fridge

Oh Han..What have they done to you ?

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The Han solo fridge was first packaged with the Deluxe edition of Star Wars Battlefront but now you can buy it alone !

Links :

Han Solo | BB8 | R2D2 | Darth Vader

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