Speed Burger, a dream in blue

Speed Burger

Tomorrow is the D-day for several supporters ! Indeed, it is the start of Euro 2016 which occurates in our territory this year. A great occasion for meetings between friends in order to watch the games. But have you already thought about meals to serve during these parties? Usually, the fast one is privilegied to avoid to watch the cooking of your meal when at the same time a goal is realized! It would be a fault, we agree … And why don’t go at Speed Burger to order hamburgers? But these are special because they are at the colour of the French Football Team … Blue of course !

Speed Burger if you have never heard about it, is a company that delivers burgers only at home. And for Euro 2016, very inspirated, she guessed burgers with a blue bread. We don’t have any informations if they will transform you in Avatar and will bring you to Pandora but we are 100% sure (we always check what we are writing) that the ingredients are natural included the blue colour because it is made with natural pigments. A good point for Speed Burger, known to use only high quality food as foie gras, lanyards duck or again Espelette pepper.

The recipes

The sign asked Vincent Delanoë, an artisan baker owner of fournil de Tréodet in Quimper in order to realize 2 new recipes for Euro. The content of these 2 burgers is the same: red cheddar, salad and white sauce. Only the meat changes.

burger-penalty-beef-speed burger
Penalty, the beef version
burger-panenka-chicken-speed burger
Panenka, the chicken version

For the price, you will have to spend $9.11 for the simple burger and $15 for a complete menu.

Speed Burger bonus

In addition of its burgers, Speed Burger sells boxes to share, ideal when you are watching the games. 2 types of boxes exist. The Kop Box, with 2 blue burgers of your choice, 8 candied tomato balls and 8 chips and The Tifo Box with 4 blue burgers of your choice, 16 candied tomato balls and chips.

speed burger-tifo box-euro
Tifo Box
speed burger-kop box-euro
Kop Box

Speed Burger loves to reserve us surprises. In partnership with Ben & Jerries, the company offers promotions on ice cream pots. For example, 2 pots of 150 ml of your choice for $9 in place of $10.50 and 4 pots at $16 in place of $21.

Speed Burger has also created #SpeedBurgerDansTonBar. They offer some Kop Box the 10th,15th and 19th of June. This offer will be available only for the 20 first registered who could eat their boxes in one of the bars. Will be present some flyers, balloons and cups signed Speed Burger in the bars.

Just below, find the partners pubs of this operation :

  • On June 10th, meeting at the bar Saxo at Cholet
  • On June th, the pub Slag Heaps at Saint Etienne gives to each guest a free drink in addition of your Speed Burger menu.
  • In Angers, an evening is organized with the soccer club AS Avrillé on June 15th.
  • On June 15th, the pub Greenwich Café at Brest
  • On June 19th, the bar Le vieux Basque at Lille

Now, you know what to order for the future games. What are your plans for your football parties? Tell us in comments !

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