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hybride food cronut burger

Mixing two existing recipes to create a new one seems completely senseless and yet it’s the new trend that sits atop the podium! That’s why everyone gets started! Initiated by United States, the hybrid food hasn’t stopped to surprise you…

Ladies and gentlemans, i named the Cragel!

Mixture of croissant and bagel, the cragel, crispy on the outside, melting inside will make you want ! If you are passing in Connecticut,visit the bakery Stew Leonards cragels that will make you worthy of the name !

hybrid food-cragel
To devour the eyes and rebuild home

Croissant + Donut = The Cronut

Hybrid food also produces sweet wonders : small variant that time when the texture of the croissant is mixed with that of the donut : the cronut. Pastry fried in oil with the same shape of the donut and aerated texture of crescent, the cronut will win the most skeptical of you ! His notoriety expanded in America because in May 2013, cronut has been patented by the bakery of Dominique Ansel in New York. The frenchie has exported our talents to United States with a replica of Kouign Amann (french pastry) but under burger’s shape. Each month, the baker creates a new flavour to icings its cronuts. Among them: rose, vanilla, coconut… We can only love the inventor of cronut !

hybrid food-cronut-Ansel
You will remain speechless !

Only for you, we provide you some tips given by the chef on his website to do this pastry…

  1. the dough should be fried in grape seed oil at a specific temperature
  2. Once it is cooked, the dough is flavored of 3 ways: rolled in sugar, filled with cream and topped with icing.

His last invention, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot : filled with organic milk infused cold and vanilla beans for 24 hours, it will please you !

hybrid food-chocolate chip-cookie
Chocolate chip cookie to serve you

Brookies, mix between brownie and cookie

Hang your seat belts for a flight to a sweet destination: the brookies. This preparation half-brownie, half-cookie will you make salivate ! But it will arm you to enjoy this dessert !

hybrid food-brookie
So hard to resist…

 Let’s go to the Nacho Burger !

A steak, cheese, salad, tomatoes, onions and cream, salsa sauce and of course the most important: the burger ! Sliced pickled jalapeños and blue corn tortilla chips, for topping.

hybrid food-nacho burger

The cookie cup

Combination of a cookie with a cupcake, the cookie cup is trendy on Instagram !

hybrid food-cookie cup

The crookie

Culinary invention of Olivier Jansen-Reynaud, the crookie is canadian. But what it is? A croissant containing in its middle the famous Oreo biscuit. Yummy !

hybrid food-crookie

The Puffin

Mix between a pancake and muffin, missing more than maple syrup to accompany this tasty cake unctuously.

hybrid food-puffin-pancake-and-muffin

The duffin

A donut, a muffin and you get a duffin ! Brand marketed by Starbucks, the latter is filled with jam ! Beware calories !

hybrid food-duffin-donut-and-muffin

The Bacon Explosion

An explosion of bacon? We understand why it’s called like this once we know the ingredients of this detonating recipe ! Meat layers surrounded in the braided bacon surrounded sausage meat itself surrounded bacon! If with that, your belly explodes, don’t tell as we haven’t warned you !

hybrid food-bacon explosion
Your mouth gonna to explode!

Becky McKay and unusual recipes

Becky McKay is an American blogger who makes amazing recipes that are only found in any cookbook… Here is a selection of her funny recipes :

  1. Cupcakes stuffed with pizza are part of one of his craziest creations ! A cupcake with tomato pizza with pepperoni heart sprinkled with icing with mozzarella and for decorative touch, a chorizo slice coated in chocolate.
hybrid food-cupcake-pizza
Someone wants some? No? Sure?

2. Brownies filled with hot dogs ! Where this blogger does to the head? one can seriously ask primarly because the kitchen should make people want but then sorry but no way !

hybrid food-brownie-hot dog
Yuck Yuck and Yuck

3. One more for the road ( it doesn’t disgust too either!). According to Becky, her best recipe, in our non-essential recipe … The composition? Cheetos (snack renowned US) coated with chocolate and savory ingredients give an atypical mixture and advise you not to test you !

hybrid food-cheetos-chocolate
Cheetos and chocolate really ?

We hope that hybrid food will attract you. Who to taste a mix thig frogs-snails?

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