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Digital Food has visited Isabelle Lefort‘s workshop, caramel woman in Houdemont, in Lorraine, which passion was borned 4 years ago. Let’s go for a tasty tour !

A successful reconversion

The scenes of her workshop

Isabelle is a former subeditor. One day, a chocolatier friend who was visiting her house, tasted his caramel jar. Satisfied with this homemade preparation, he offered her to sell her caramel in his shop. From this step, Isabelle’s passion became real.

For a long time, Isabelle Lefort cooked. At the beginning, it wasn’t easy but with determination and tenacity, she never gave up her goal ! Supported by her husband and her children who are also working with her, the family workshop moved to Houdemont since January 2014. Caramel assorted with cheese or meats, Isabelle revendicates advantages of salted butter caramel in sugary-salty meals. According to her, it gonna explode with a panel of flavours in your mouth ! Taste it, it sounds like an emergency !

A creamy and tasty caramel !

Caramel flavours with inimitable taste

When we push the door of her workshop, the caramel’s aromas intoxicate us and make us travel. Isabelle loves challenge :  for example, she creates a range “les aromatisés” where natural aromas and essential oils meet salted butter caramel’s cream with Guérande’s salt in a perfect harmony. 12 unique flavors to liven up the taste buds : raspsberry, coffee, chocolate, lemon, ginger, mirabelle, orange, gingerbread, pear, apple, thyme and bourbon vanilla. The content can be either filled in glasse’s bocals or in small PVC’s bottles, according to your preferences. Once caramel is ready, 2 hours of rest are adviced before the filling.

Les aromatisés give mouth water

Among the original works manufactured by the artist, the flavored pencils. Actually, Isabelle has had the ingenious idea to fill plastic pencils with her caramel cream . You can write on cakes, make decorations on plates, anything that gives to your meals a new identity !

the greedy pencils

Last year, Isabelle added to her range a panel of 8 jams but with unusual tastes. Along them, nougatine-apricot, black cherry with Espelette pepper or also wild blueberry with lemon.

The panel of Isabelle’s jams

Recently, her Carafruit won the Inoval competition, a food competition in Lorraine (NorthEast of France) with Agria Lorraine. Isabelle’s Caramel has been selected and labeled by SIAL, a Food Fair in Paris. Carafruit is an innovating product invented in Isabelle’s laboratory. Salted butter caramel with mashed fruits (apple, rapsberry and exotic fruits).

Carafruit, the big winner !

If you want more information, you can visit her website where you can soon buy her products online.

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