Latte art in all its forms !

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Latte, Ristretto, Lungo, Cappuccino, Macchiatto … the coffee makes us travel around the world by his unique taste… Did you know that coffee can also become a real artwork? After food art, place latte art !

Some people have talents which leave us speechless, like the japanese artist Kazuki Yamamoto who navigates on the road of coffee art. This makes up incredible characters with coffee foam. Psy through John Lennon, this artist hasn’t stopped to amaze us ! George 10g, nickname of Kazuki Yamamoto, also excels in 3D latte art.

latte art-Kazuki-yamamoto
Medley of stunning works of Kazuki Yamamoto

Advanced technology

To make beautiful creations, you must be an experienced barista and have an espresso machine more efficient. The term of barista come from italian, and is a person behind a counter. This one must master to perfection all codes coffee: its preparation, its different varieties, espresso, its roasting, preserving it and of course the latte art one of them !

The barista can test all their talent during the World Cup of baristi organized every year by the World Coffee events (WCE). During the edition 2013, an american boy named Pete Licata won the fameus world competition.

Pete Licata – 2013 World Barista Champion from Justin Bond on Vimeo

This year, Hidenori Isaki from Japan has finished first  in Rimini, Italy. France has lost in first round.

Gabriel Lafitte Nkweti is not a barista like the others. Indeed, instead of creating works of art with coffee foam, he wrote the names of its clients and draws on the cups in Starbucks London, in front of the British Museum. These creations are exhibited in the same coffee as a showcase.

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If you want to show off to your friends at the coffee break, look at this tutorial below, which will make you become arguably the best baristas!

The technology of latte art requires a perfect control, but when you enoy the results, it makes you want to put it not ?

Stay awake, food art hasn’t said his last word !

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