Keng Lye, the master of optical illusion

keng lye

Everyday, we discover many exceptionnal food artists who amaze us with the poetry and imagination in their awesome works. Today we found you a food art’s wizzard who will not leave you insensitive … Welcome to Keng Lye’s world !

Keng Lye, born in Singapore, is an unique artist in it’s kind ! His creativity gives him admiration of everyone and now you gonna understand the reasons … Hold on tight, you may fall from your chair !

Mystery is floating

Just below, you can find a small galerie with Keng Lye’s works . Navigate using right and left arrows.

[flexslider][flexitem img=”” alt=”2 fishes emerge”][flexitem img=”” alt=”take it easy”][flexitem img=”” alt=”do you think these fishes are real”][flexitem img=”” alt=”hey you”][flexitem img=”” alt=”it’s just an illusion : acrylic paint with a lot of resin and all done. isn’t it incredible?”][/flexslider]

But all of that that is just an illusion : acrylic paint with a lot of resin and that’s it. Isn’t it incredible? The result is impressive of realism and details give us a perfect illution. We literally gasped out …

More impressive, this octopus incredibly realistic but not only …

The octopus returns to life

Keng Lye has incorporated a 3D’s element in the middle of resin paint for the head which emerges from the water to better scan its prey! Hallucinating of realism, this octopus leaves us speecheless!

A last one with this turtle true-to-life !


To conclude, a video intoducing the 3D work of this exceptional artist

Some people carve the food into real works of art, others paint plates and make them real … Acrylic paint and many transparent resin’s layers make Keng Lye’s works absolutely spectacular!

We are stunned about the precision brought by Keng Lye and we are impatient to see more.

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