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Since a couple of years we see more and more connected objects arise in our lives. Their goals is to help us living, feeling, and knowing ourselves better. After the field of sport, the kitchen seems to be the new Eldorado for many startups who want to revolutionize the way we eat or we cook. Today we introduce you to HAPIfork, the first connected fork, soon in our plates !

According a recent study of the Institut Gallip, 63% of the US population is in a situation of overweight and nearly 28% are obese. The most worrying fact is the constant growth of these figures (25% of obese in 2008). Anyway, obesity became a major health problem in our society.

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I’m not fat, I’m fluffy.

If obesity have many causes, such as genetic predispositions, the major reason of this increase is overeating.

Overeating happens when we eat an amount of food higher than our body real daily needs. We may think it’s just a “gluttony” problem, but the real problem is that we failed to adapt our food to our way of life. Indeed, today people spend most of their day sitting at their desk, and even if that seems tiresome, it requires less energy than standing and moving all day.

Once this observation made, we now have to find a real solution to solve this problem. It is not easy to change our habits, especially without any help or supervision.

A fork to help you eat better

Starting from this observation, a french inventor, Jacques Lépine, decides in 2010 to work on the prototype of a connected fork. Three years later, the 10S Fork is shown at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas in partnership with HAPIlabs which will become the exclusive distributor of the fork, renamed HAPIfork.

CES 2013 HAPIfork

It’s an immediate triumph for the HAPIfork which won many prizes at the CES such as “Best Innovation Award”. Thanks to this success, HAPIlabs launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to launch their product on the market. The campaign was a great success with more than 1,200 backers and 130,000$ !

With a design thicker than a classic fork, HAPIfork is a true concentrate of technology. Inside is located a microprocessor, a lithium battery, a capacitive sensor and a vibrator. Outside, you will find a mini USB port, two LED and..that’s all (folks) ! So, how does this magic fork work ?

A simple and effective use

You use the HAPIfork the same way you’ll use any other fork, but as soon as you start, HAPIfork will start recording many data : the length of your meal, the average uses of your fork per minute, and more important your interval between two uses.

Thereby, as soon as your interval is too quick, HAPIfork will start vibrating  and flashing in order to warn you and help you slow down.

Utilisez la HAPIfork comme votre fourchette habituelle !

So it is so easy ? Yes, yes it is. Simple but intelligent. Indeed, it takes an average of 20 minutes for our body to feel satiety. So by learning to eat slower, you will eat less but at your hunger. HAPIfork help us to take again the right amount of time for eating.

On top of that, HAPIfork comes with a mobile app (iOS/Android). Once connected to your smartphone, your fork will send data to the app, allowing you to follow your progress and analyze your different statistics.

How and where to get HAPIfork ?

Distributed by HAPIlabs, HAPifork (yes, that’s a lots of happy) is only available in the US for 99$. For this price you can choose between five colors : white, black, green, pink and blue.

You can buy it directly on their website Hapi.com or on Amazon. 
In any case, jut remember to eat healthy and slowly !

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