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A crowdfunding platform 100% food is one of your dreams? Don’t waste your time and hurry you up on to discover a space not like the others …

The crowdfunding’s wave is definitely the actual top trend to finance a project ! All domains are represented : gastronomy, music, technology… People invest into projects they believe will work, the main objective being that the amount fixed by the project’s holder is reached, within a time limit. Contributors from Foodraising participating in the project’s success receive rewards such as free meal or food samples. If the project doesn’t reach his financial objective, contributors are totally refunded!

The participative gastronomy

Foodraising Homepage  contains everything to satisfy food lovers! It’s the first participative crowdfunding platform dedicated to gastronomy! Six first projects have been financed thanks to contributor’s donations.

The first one named Mama Street, first Bangkok street food in Paris attracted more than 25,000$ donations.

The second project is called Foodette. A cute name just like this project. The principle, easy as Hello, is made of 3 steps:

  1. Order the basket of your choice for an evening or for the week
  2. Recover your basket full of fresh and quality ingredients at merchants partners of Foodette or choose home delivery: you are the boss!
  3. Cook tasty meals with detailed reciped from A to Z without specific incomprehensible culinary words. View their video just below

Two friends cooking enthusiasts wanting to start their own restaurant decided to make that dream a reality with their project called Roomies. Their credo: find the flavor of burgers eaten between roomates. Over 8,000$ have been collected, and this amount allow them to acquire fryers,  hotplates, food processor and other essentials kitchenware.

Tami’s Cakes revisits the standards of French pastry with an American touch. The concept is based on four Classics : Cake Pops, Whoopies, Cupcakes and also Cheesecakes. All of these are available in three collections: “Tami’s”, “Trendy’s” and”Babie’s”. Check this project here

A food truck in Montpellier (region in South of France)? Welcome to “Le Vagabond Food Truck”. Over € 4,000 were collected to allow this food truck to wander between burgers, bagels and salads 100% fresh!

Finally, the last project funded by is called The Supper Line. It highlights social fooding by giving the privilege to food lovers to get together for an ephemeral dinner. The concept is innovative and original because Chief, menu and also the artist will be known only during the reservation!

Let’s now introduce two other food platforms which may be the perfect place for any foodies !

To cook or not TooCook


Toocook is the first food social network. Its goal is to bring together all food lovers, from simple novice to  confirmed Chief, to create a friendly space for sharing and exchange about food. Moreover, you’ll find useful and fun items such as instant messaging to chat with your friends, a newsfeed, voice reading recipes, nutritional informations or also culinary medals. If you want to give it a try just simply go to!

Afri-Délices, a condensed of flavors

Afri-Délices, Africa in your plate

Afri-Délices is here to highlight African food diversity. Meals are available in individual trays going in microwave. Founder of the company, borned in Africa wants in priority to offer traditional african recipes. By funding this project, you will also participate to improvement of local population’s lifestyle. Raw materials coming from African agriculture are processed in Cantal (in region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in France).

If you have your own food project, contact us and we’ll share it around !

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