Foodporn : does it makes you fat ?


Food is one of the favorite thing we like to watch. Whereas it’s on TV, on our phone or even at home, simply in the kitchen. In recent years, the digital expansion and rise of social networks exposed our brains to more and more delicious meals pictures. But what if all these pictures had an effect on our health..?

Watch it, eat it :

Recently, a team of scientists from the Crossmodal Research Lab at Oxford University conducted a study to examine links between our consumption of visual foods and our consumption of real food.

Their conclusions are unambigous : the sight of a food image, has a real impact on our brain. Indeed, by watching food pictures, you will start feeling hungry, even if you have no physical reasons to. And eventually you will start eating to fill your hunger but as your body does not need this food, it wont be eliminated.

The problem  comes from the fact that most of food pictures we love to share and watch are the less healthier one, like burgers, pizza, cakes… And if you need an example, just search Foodporn on google or on Instagram and see the results : not many baby carrots around here..

pizza carrot
Without lying, which one makes you hungry ?

In the long run, the major influx of food pictures may lead to an increase of global obesity. And maybe it already had. So if you’re a fan of the hashtag FoodPorn, try to avoid it when it’s not time to eat !

But the team also explain that this link between what we see and what we eat can be used to encourage healthy eating : for exemple, by exposing young childrens to more pictures of vegetables, they will enjoy them more than before (and they won’t cry each time you cook something else that potatoes and meat ! )

When augmented reality makes you eat healthier :

Professor Kastunori Okajima who work at the Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences at the National Univeristy in Yokohama, Japan, has created an incredible software for augmented reality devices which visually transforms simple food into delicious food in order to make us more willing to eat it.

It appears that the food we see in our plate will influence the way we feel it. So for example, seing something which appears delicious will make it taste better.

In his demo, Professor Okajima transforms a tuna sushi into a salmon one :


We can not say if this visual trick is really working on the long term but it will be interesting to try it !

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If you are interested by the study, you can read by clicking here

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