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EXP Restaurant burger

You like video games since you’re a kid ? And you also like great food ? Don’t worry, you are far from being alone in this situation, and hopefully, things are moving forward ! So grab your controller and come discover a special place with us..

A new consumer’s population :

Passionate about video game but also food, James and Miranda Higuchi realized one day there was no place which combine their two passions in Vancouver but also in Canada. Indeed, even if Video Game is now present in many ways, it’s still one of the most recent media of our history and it has some difficulties to enter in our kitchen..

Appeared in the 70’s but mostly developed in the next two decades, Video Game kept for a long time the image of an activity reserved to kids and teenagers. It’s only recently, with new consoles and smartphones that Video Game has been adopted by all generations.

So many things to say..

Well, believe it or not, this kids from the 80’s, they have grown ! Today most of them are parents, workers, executives.. and they are like everyone else, they go to the cinema, on vacation and..even to restaurants ! On this basis, a whole new world of opportunities appears : indeed, what’s better than dive back in our childhood for a evening ?

Offer a unique experience :

Our duo didn’t need anything else to launch their new adventure ! And then, the EXP Restaurant was born. Hopefully it’s available for everyone regardless your level..

On avouera que ça fait vraiment très "classy" !

Located in the heart of Vancouver, EXP Restaurant looks really classy : quality materials, simple but refined design for tables and chairs, first, nothing will make you think you just arrived in a video game restaurant..until you start noting little details : pixel art decoration on walls from Super Mario, Creeper head from Minecraft and TV above each table with not movies, but video games !

And finally, at the bottom of the restaurant, a giant screen which is used for all tournaments organized at EXP Restaurant. This restaurant is really a social place build around Video Game by two passionate entrepreneurs.

A menu full of pixels !

Like every restaurant, the most important is the food ! So what can we eat here ? Well, the least we can say is that you will have choice ! And the best ? Every item on menu is related to one particular video game !

So, you will go from ZELDA with a TriForce Burger, to Smash Bros with a Super Smash Nachos or follow Ezio Auditore with some Assassin’s Cheese Fries and finish with some Street Fighter exercise by taking a Yoga Inferno Butter Chicken Poutine (Yes, we’re in Canada).

Qu'on aime ou pas Zelda, impossible de ne pas saliver !
We know you want it sooooo bad..

With all this food you also need to drink something ! For all of you who salivate for the Café Pikachu you will gladly start with a First Person Shooter, but which one ? A Bulbasaur-Vodka, a Squirtle-Rum, or a Charmander-Whisky ? 20 years later and still a hard choice..

For those who prefer cocktails, you will have to choose between the Red Dead Limonade, a Most Wanted or the famous Nuka Cola Quantum straight from Fallout !

Un cocktail Portal ? À boire à 2 évidemment !

That’s all for this great place which will eventually give ideas to other fans and engender other concepts around Video Game !

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