Dan Cretu : a really incredible Food Artist

Dan Cretu-Food-Art

The world of Food Art is full of incredible talents, each one more surprising than the other. Whether they are painters, sculptors or photographers, they offer each time a very original work. Today we’re gonna talk about one of them, a photographer named Dan Cretu.

Native of Romania, this artist decided to stage fruits and vegetables on an unusual point of view ! In fact, in his hand an orange become a bicycle, a red pepper is a motorbike, while the cucumber turns into a camera !

But pictures are better than words, so here is for you !


Ready ? say “cheeeeese” or cucumber..

dan cretu food-artist-rabbit

A rabbit made of carrots ? That makes sense..

dan cretu food-artist-homer-simpsons

Homer Simpson is waiting for his bacon..

dan cretu food-artist-pepper-bugs

And suddenly, Spring is in your plate.

dan cretu food-artist-adidas-orange

The first organic basket !

dan cretu food-artist-motorbike-pepper

Who said motorbikes are not green ?

If you are interested in his work you can visit his tumblr for more incredible pictures !

And don’t forget to send us your best pictures on instagram @digitalfoodtv !


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