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Acidus campagne crowdfunding

More and more food projects are trying to see the light in finding financial ressources that are necessary for launch trough a crowdfunding campaign, a collective raising of money, with platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fundable….
Let’s talk about fundraising for food projects and let us show you one of this project.

We all know about famous crowdfunding platforms, but there is a new trend for development of Food crowdfunding platforms.
A lot of funding sources recently launched across the globe, and they have the particularity to be focused on food projects.
If you are interested in launching a new food product, the most famous platforms are Barnraiser, Circleup, Crowdfooding and Foodraising.

“Y sont fous ces normands”

What the hell does it mean ? It’s in french and it means “Those normans are crazy”.
This new French brand, created by Eric Defray, is willing to develop a large range of food products going from cookies to candies…and of course with a very tasty touch !
They are trying to raise money on a crowdfunding platform for their new product called Acidus.

ysontfouscesnormands crowdfunding food projects
“Those normans are crazy”

Acidus : shortbread cookies

Their first product is Acidus, small takeaway shortbread cookies with a slightly acid taste to remember us sweets from our childhood.
You can choose between 2 flavor : Lemon or Orange

Acidus crowdfunding food projects


And what about ingredients ?
A shortbread cookie basis : Flour, butter, sugar, eggs…and a little touch of lemon or orange to give boost and of course awake your taste buds !

Shortbread cookie crowdfunding food projects

The brand “Y sont fous ces normands” wants to inject a breath of fresh air to local products of Normandy, putting ahead creativity.

We will soon come back to you with new products in crowdfunding !

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