Cristiam Ramos and the candy madness

candy art cristiam ramos

Candies. Everybody love candies, it’s like we have a crush for them (sorry for that..) ! Some are sweet, some are sour, and you can always find your favorite color ! But when everybody is busy eating them, an artist decides to use them in a more different purpose. Let’s enter in a Candy Art world with Cristiam Ramos !


An artist inspired by everything :

Cristiam Ramos is a 35 years old Mexican artist who loves to create new concepts. He’s what we can call a multifaceted artist : painter, sculptor.. but also a food artist !

Cristiam Ramos butterfly paint
Cristiam Ramos paint world famous paintings on butterfly wings

One day in a park, he saw a dad giving a candy to his little son who had just hurt himself. The boy was so happy that Cristiam realized that Sweets had the power to make people happy in any situation..

Based on this idea, he thought “what if they saw one of their favorite artists enshrined in their favorite sweets?” and that was the beginning of his wonderful candy journey.

The Candy Madness Sweetness :

He ordered thousand of candies and began create celebrity portraits with only candies such as  Gummy Bears, M&M’s, bubble gum.. Each portrait is made of 5,000 to 7,000 candies!

Marylin Monroe in candy

So far he immortalized Marylin Monroe, Sandra Bullock, Beyonce, Elvis Presley, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and the King of Pop Michael Jackson!

Nicki Minaj Candy

Beyonce in candy

Michael Jackson candy

Pretty impressive no ? But Cristiam Ramos did not stop there and he took his candy madness to a whole new level by creating a real-size motorcycle made of more than 20,000 candies! He got a world record for it and we can easily understand why !

Motorcycle candy cristiam ramos
Motorcycle candy

So next time you’ll eat skittles, try to do like him and send us a picture !

You can find more of Cristiam Ramos work on his website

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