Chef, the movie makes you feel so good

Chef divorce by having big on potatoes as a result of bad food critics, Carl Casper decides to pack and ship his team in a new adventure. The opportunity to reconnect strong ties with his son and us to dazzle the taste buds.

A pleasure for your eyes

Jon Favreau knows how to make us happy. Having dusted off the super heroic kind with the two first Iron Man, the realisator changes of recipe without losing the taste to share with the audience some sparking ideas inventiveness. In his film Chef, the psychology of the characters is a refined as the plans of smoldering pots are treated. Favreau gets the power to lead his actors (Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr, John Leguizamo) as far as his character is comfortable with its kitchen ustensils. 

Certainly the best movie talking about the phenomenon “Food Truck” , #Chef is not a work of yielding to the easy, far from it. Dotted with visual nuggets, #Chef full of love between a father and his son (retyping together a bunch of junk that will become the famous restaurant on four wheels), sincere friendships (the strong link that interview his former sous chef and passion for a fascinating profession. A feel good movie of quality, without bitterness.


Advice: Eat before and (after)

In #Chef, in the use of social networking is often funny and somewhat removed from reality ( and its derivatives). But we laugh a lot about that. Just see the verbal sparring that disappointed critic and head, back to block in the first part of the movie. For the rest, we will let you discover by yourself.

#Chef is a feature that has the background with an appetizing form. Culinary scenes are mastered and the human soul is beautiful. We drool with desire to the rythm of the Latin music jazzy precisely chosen. A view only with a full stomach or your stomach has not finished gurgle.


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