CES 2016 : How we will cook tomorrow

At the CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Show) a lot of innovative products are unveiled, and some of them reveal the way we will cook and eat in the near future. From smart fridge to smart frying pan, let’s see what’s hot !

Fridge :

Even if we heard of it for a long time, smart fridges are really coming soon.
Samsung latest Family Hub refrigerator has a massive 21.5 inch touch screen that allows you to ask for weather, news, play recipe videos, listen to music…or simply directly shop for groceries.

One of the most interesting things are the inside cameras which take pictures of the fridge’s content every time you close the doors, and you can view it on your phone. Imagine you are at the grocery store and you wonder if you have milk, juice…Well, now you can instantly see what’s in your fridge and what’s missing !

Nutritional coach :

DietSensor is the first nutrition coach with sensors, and it wins CES 2016 Innovation Award.
Ever wonder “how many calories are in this plate” ? With DietSensor and the molecular sensor called SCiO,  you just have to scan your food in one click and it reveals the nutritional value of your meal. You even get advices before you eat and you could know if you eat the right amount of calories.

It was aimed at helping people with diabetes or cardiovascular diseases but it can also be very useful for those who want to lose weight or athletes for physical fitness.

Frying Pans :

No more fear of cooking, thanks to smart frying pans !
SmartyPans and Pantellingent measure temperature of cooking surface and transmit details to your phone via bluetooth. It comes with an app which lets you choose a recipe and guide you step by step : adding the oil, return food, oh my god it’s burning…and you know when it’ ready to eat ! (or call the restaurant)
You can now cook things perfectly and become a real chef.

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