Banana Art : Minion’s approved as well !


Digital Food introduces you to banana art with a yummy article which will gives you the banana all day! Are you ready to discover the most craziest works existing so far? The new phenomenon is running right now !

The banana tatoo

Miracles exist

Phil Hansen is having fun tattooing bananas in order to give them a perfect rockstyle! His book, Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art is dedicated to banana’s detournement but not only! Feel free to visit his totally saucy website here which gonna show you how to tatoo a banana like a boss!

Let’s now discover another tattooist named End Cape. Unlike Phil Hansen, he only uses a needle to do his works. His drawings are then colored by the effect of banana’s oxydation… Surprising !

The amazing banana tattoos of End Cape

Relooking bananas

With Stephan Brusche, you won’t see bananas on the same way !

Marylin Monroe on a banana
A tribute to the victims of Charlie Hebdo

Crazy in Bananas !

Keisuke Yamada  amazes with his incredible and so far terribly artistics works : from Darth Vader to skulls crossing Homer and Marge from The Simpsons, Keisuke is amazing !

Time for Banana’s Revolution


Keisuke Yamada with his terribly delicious works

To conclude, my favourite is work of Lynn Aquaheart who transforms fruits in true frescoes !

Stylish bananas
A perfect world

So, ready to become a banana artist ? Send us your best pictures on Instagram @digitalfoodtv !

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