Pikachu Café : Gotta taste them all !


That’s not a secret, in Japan, Pokemon represents a culture of its own. And if you need any more proof, the opening -for a limited time- of the first official and unique Pikachu restaurant will eventually convince you and delight all fans around the world !

L'affiche de l'exposition Pokémon the Movie XY

A temporary restaurant :

It’s on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills, one of the biggest entertainment center in Tokyo, that has opened the Pikachu Café. This true culinary temple dedicated to our favorite yellow electric mouse accompanied  an exposition on the last Pokemon Movie, Pokemon XY : Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. Sadly temporary, this restaurant opened its doors July 19 and will last until the end of the exhibition, August 31.

So, what’s on the menu ?

Prices are between 400 and 1,280 yens, around 3,26$ and 10,44$ to which must be added the ticket for the exhibition (the Pikachu Café is part of it). Inside you will be able to taste pika burgers, delicious meals and incredible desserts ! And obviously, each item on the menu has its amount of Pikachu..

Le Pikachu burger avec tortillas de maïs

Who wants a PikaBurger ?!


Pikachu Dzukushi : Riz au curry, saucisses et tempuras

Pikachu Dzukushi : Curry rice with shrimp and sausages !

Le parfait à 100 000 volts de Pikachu : Parfait de fruits et pudding de mangue.

Fruit Parfait seems perfect to finish your meal

Now that you’re hungry (and angry to be far away from it..) let’s just hope this kind of events will happens more often and also out of Japan !



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