Friends : The famous Central Perk is coming to New York !

Central Perk Friends

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic TV show, our six friends’ favorite café will open its doors, for one month only, in the Big Apple.

« Smelly cat, smelly cat… »

Have you ever dreamed of drinking your coffee with Chandler, Joey and their « friends », listening to Phoebe’s delicate and classy songs ? Friends‘ producer, Warner Bros, and Eight’o’clock, decided to make this dream come true, by creating a perfect replica of the famous Central Perk, in the heart of New York, at the 199 Lafayette Street, Soho, a few minutes away from the 7th avenue, where the coffee shop is located in the TV show. This « pop-up store » will be launched for one month only, from Septembre 17th to October 18th 2014, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this iconic 90’s show (the first episode aired September 22sd 1994 on NBC).

Central Perk New York

Iconic settings and surprise guests

The lucky ones who will have the chance to visit the Central Perk will be able to feel exactly like a character from Friends, in authentics settings, such as the famous orange sofa (where we saw those six sit so many times that we were wondering if they really had a job !). The fans will also be able to buy goodies and to assist to improvised concerts, as a reminder of Phoebe’s performances. James Michael Tyler, aka Gunther, the blond waiter, madly in love with Rachel (but who wasn’t?), will make a few appearances, for the fan’s greatest pleasure !

Le canapé orange du Central Perk dans le générique de Friends
The famous orange sofa

Food : the other star of the show !

Food is a reccuring theme in the show : Monica becomes a chef in a starred restaurant, and Joey, well… will all know that « Joey doesn’t share food !». The show contains a lot of iconic quotes or even entire episodes related to food, particularly the one with Rachel’s English Trifle (The one where Ross Got High – season 6, episode 9), or the famous cookie recipe that was transmetted to Phoebe by her french ancestor, Nesele Toulouse, which was in fact just the recipe of industrial cookies named « Nestle Tollhouse » (The one with Phoebe’s Cookies – season 7, episode 3).

"Joey pas partager son manger !"

Rachel’s English Trifle recipe :

Rachel’s English Trifle might be one of the most famous food desaster on american television. For Thanksgiving, she tries to make an English Trifle, but the pages of her cooking book get mixed up and what was supposed to be a dessert hand up containing beef and peas.

  • One layer of ladyfingers
  • One layer of jam
  • One layer of custard
  • One layer of raspberries
  • Another layer of ladyfingers
  • One layer of beef sauteed with peas and onions
  • Another layer of custard
  • One layer of bananas
  • And some whipped cream on top !

If you wish to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Friends, and if you are in New York City between September 17th and October 18th, go to the Central Perk, and say hello to Gunther for us ! But if you can’t travel to New York, you can always go to Paris, where you will find a café inspired by the TV show : The Garden Perk !


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