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World of Warcraft Cookbook : Feed your Guild !


After successfull videogames, goodies, and even a movie, the World of Warcraft is now coming to our kitchens! The first official World of Warcraft cookbook will be available in october 2016. Are you ready to feed your guild? From the author of the Game of Thrones official cookbook Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, author of the official Game of Thrones : A Feast of Ice […]

AbsorbPlate : The new miracle diet plate !


What if the next miracle diet was… a sponge-plate ? In order to prevent obesity in its country, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation developped a plate that absorbs grease from food. One of the highest obesity rate in Asia « Thai food is delicious, but sometimes very greasy. Resulting in Thailand having the second highest obesity rate […]

Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me what is your most beautiful cake?

gateaux miroirs

From fairytales to reality, the tasty works of the russian pastry cook Olga Noskova bring us to Wonderland. The reason? A perfect mastery of icing with a mirror effect and inserts sublimated by a technical worthy of the greatest. The intergalactic effects are made thanks to a mix between different colors. Melt your mouth with […]

Declare your love for pastries with Shoebakery !


Most people love pastries. At Digital Food, we sure do! Of course, it’s delicious and sweety, but it is also a pleasure for the eyes ! In fact, some people love them so much they might want to wear them. Rejoice pastry lovers, because we have found the perfect combination of fashion and food, and it’s called ShoeBakery. ShoeBakery : […]

Shot projectors on hybrid food

hybride food cronut burger

Mixing two existing recipes to create a new one seems completely senseless and yet it’s the new trend that sits atop the podium! That’s why everyone gets started! Initiated by United States, the hybrid food hasn’t stopped to surprise you… Ladies and gentlemans, i named the Cragel! Mixture of croissant and bagel, the cragel, crispy on the outside, […]

Spend a magical Valentine’s day at Hogwarts!

Valentine's Day Harry Potter Studio

Valentine’s day is coming soon. For some of us, it’s the promise of a romantic date, for others, it’s just another Sunday. What if you could spend a magical night in Hogwarts’ Great Hall, sharing a deliciously bewitched dinner with your loved one ? Fellow Potterheads, prepare your Love Potions, because Warner Bros. Studio will […]

Chef, the movie makes you feel so good

Chef divorce by having big on potatoes as a result of bad food critics, Carl Casper decides to pack and ship his team in a new adventure. The opportunity to reconnect strong ties with his son and us to dazzle the taste buds. A pleasure for your eyes Jon Favreau knows how to make us happy. […]

Order a special hot chocolate at Starbucks for Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, Starbucks celebrates three new varieties of hot chocolate  to fall backwards ! This commercial only lasts until February the 14th, so hurry you to enjoy ! These hot chocolate don’t contain any heart and are not colored in rose candy super girly but the taste is so delightful that you’ll fall in love […]