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World of Warcraft Cookbook : Feed your Guild !


After successfull videogames, goodies, and even a movie, the World of Warcraft is now coming to our kitchens! The first official World of Warcraft cookbook will be available in october 2016. Are you ready to feed your guild? From the author of the Game of Thrones official cookbook Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, author of the official Game of Thrones : A Feast of Ice […]

AbsorbPlate : The new miracle diet plate !


What if the next miracle diet was… a sponge-plate ? In order to prevent obesity in its country, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation developped a plate that absorbs grease from food. One of the highest obesity rate in Asia « Thai food is delicious, but sometimes very greasy. Resulting in Thailand having the second highest obesity rate […]

Declare your love for pastries with Shoebakery !


Most people love pastries. At Digital Food, we sure do! Of course, it’s delicious and sweety, but it is also a pleasure for the eyes ! In fact, some people love them so much they might want to wear them. Rejoice pastry lovers, because we have found the perfect combination of fashion and food, and it’s called ShoeBakery. ShoeBakery : […]

Spend a magical Valentine’s day at Hogwarts!

Valentine's Day Harry Potter Studio

Valentine’s day is coming soon. For some of us, it’s the promise of a romantic date, for others, it’s just another Sunday. What if you could spend a magical night in Hogwarts’ Great Hall, sharing a deliciously bewitched dinner with your loved one ? Fellow Potterheads, prepare your Love Potions, because Warner Bros. Studio will […]

Friends : The famous Central Perk is coming to New York !

Central Perk Friends

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic TV show, our six friends’ favorite café will open its doors, for one month only, in the Big Apple. « Smelly cat, smelly cat… » Have you ever dreamed of drinking your coffee with Chandler, Joey and their « friends », listening to Phoebe’s delicate and classy songs ? Friends‘ producer, Warner […]

Pikachu Café : Gotta taste them all !


That’s not a secret, in Japan, Pokemon represents a culture of its own. And if you need any more proof, the opening -for a limited time- of the first official and unique Pikachu restaurant will eventually convince you and delight all fans around the world ! A temporary restaurant : It’s on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills, […]