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candy art cristiam ramos
Food Art

Cristiam Ramos and the candy madness

Candies. Everybody love candies, it’s like we have a crush for them (sorry for that..) ! Some are sweet, some are sour, and you can always find your favorite color...

February 03, 2016
Food News

The most…surprising burgers !

Hamburger : a good chopped steak slipped into a soft bun, the whole thing accompanied by a slice of cheese, vegetables and other delicacies… True symbol in the US, the hamburger...

January 02, 2016
Dan Cretu-Food-Art
Food Art

Dan Cretu : a really incredible Food Artist

The world of Food Art is full of incredible talents, each one more surprising than the other. Whether they are painters, sculptors or photographers, they offer each time a very original...

November 25, 2015

HapiFork : the first connected fork

Since a couple of years we see more and more connected objects arise in our lives. Their goals is to help us living, feeling, and knowing ourselves better. After the field...

November 21, 2015