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Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me what is your most beautiful cake?

gateaux miroirs

From fairytales to reality, the tasty works of the russian pastry cook Olga Noskova bring us to Wonderland. The reason? A perfect mastery of icing with a mirror effect and inserts sublimated by a technical worthy of the greatest. The intergalactic effects are made thanks to a mix between different colors. Melt your mouth with […]

Shot projectors on hybrid food

hybride food cronut burger

Mixing two existing recipes to create a new one seems completely senseless and yet it’s the new trend that sits atop the podium! That’s why everyone gets started! Initiated by United States, the hybrid food hasn’t stopped to surprise you… Ladies and gentlemans, i named the Cragel! Mixture of croissant and bagel, the cragel, crispy on the outside, […]

Order a special hot chocolate at Starbucks for Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, Starbucks celebrates three new varieties of hot chocolate  to fall backwards ! This commercial only lasts until February the 14th, so hurry you to enjoy ! These hot chocolate don’t contain any heart and are not colored in rose candy super girly but the taste is so delightful that you’ll fall in love […]

Top 10 of the most impressive King Cake in the world


If you missed our article about the history and traditions around the King Cake, catch up here! We give you precious informations about this popular tradition. In this article, we collected 10 (according to us) incredible King Cake! Then, open your eyes right now! 1. La galette des rois Country: France | Date:from  January 6th to the end […]

King Cake : History and traditions

king cake

King cake is a traditional desert eaten during Epiphany on January 6th. Depending on countries, it can be also eaten during the pre-Lenten celebrations until Fat Tuesday.  Let’s go for an introduction to King Cake’s history ! Historical origins of King Cake King Cake finds its origin with the biblical three Magi Kings Balthasar, Gaspar and Melchior. During the Saturnales […]

Latte art in all its forms !

latte art cat

Latte, Ristretto, Lungo, Cappuccino, Macchiatto … the coffee makes us travel around the world by his unique taste… Did you know that coffee can also become a real artwork? After food art, place latte art ! Some people have talents which leave us speechless, like the japanese artist Kazuki Yamamoto who navigates on the road of coffee art. […]

Banana Art : Minion’s approved as well !


Digital Food introduces you to banana art with a yummy article which will gives you the banana all day! Are you ready to discover the most craziest works existing so far? The new phenomenon is running right now ! The banana tatoo Phil Hansen is having fun tattooing bananas in order to give them a perfect rockstyle! His […]

Michel and Augustin, the french taste !

Digital Food had the honour to interview Michel de Rovira, one of the two famous “troublemakers of taste” ( as they are usually called) from Michel and Augustin, a french food brand . At Digital Food, their amazing career highly impress us. Let’s go for a fun adventure which celebrates its 10 years old. The Challenge of taste Michel and Augustin met for the first […]

Keng Lye, the master of optical illusion

keng lye

Everyday, we discover many exceptionnal food artists who amaze us with the poetry and imagination in their awesome works. Today we found you a food art’s wizzard who will not leave you insensitive … Welcome to Keng Lye’s world ! Keng Lye, born in Singapore, is an unique artist in it’s kind ! His creativity gives him admiration of […]