AbsorbPlate : The new miracle diet plate !


What if the next miracle diet was… a sponge-plate ? In order to prevent obesity in its country, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation developped a plate that absorbs grease from food.

One of the highest obesity rate in Asia

« Thai food is delicious, but sometimes very greasy. Resulting in Thailand having the second highest obesity rate in South-East Asia ». This statement, from the Thai Health Promotion Foudation, opens the advertising video introducing AbsorbPlate, a revolutionary plate designed to absorb grease from meals, but not altering the taste.

According to the health agency, it is impossible to change how people eat, as Thai food is an important part of the country’s culture, so why not tackle how they eat their food, reducing the calories absorbed, meal after meal, and reducing health issues related to obesity, such as cholesterol and high-blood pressure.

A sponge-plate for an healthier meal

Inspired by the design of sponges, AsborbPlate is made of 500 tiny holes, separing excess oils from food up to 7 ml, so approximatevely 30 calories per plate. If the result might seem minor, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation wants people in Thailand to eat healthier, meal after meal, but with the same taste that makes thai food so delicious.


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